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that after mitt romney spoke at a fundraising breakfast on friday, a will-mitt win poll was taken at a table of ten men who paid to attend that fundraiser. so at their table of ten men, they asked each other, will mitt win? of the ten men, not a single man said yes. of ten active mitt romney supporters who were actively supporting him at that moment with their money, zero said he will win. and they admit to that at the fundraiser. that's not a phenomenon that can last a super long time. you don't get to sit around at $2500 a plate fundraisers talking about how your guy is going to lose. eventually you're going to stop going to those fundraisers. you will stop throwing good money after bad. luckily for the romney campaign, there is a solution to this potential problem that can be caused by polling. this potential fundraising campaign death spiral. there's a way around it. a new argument emerged about the polling that says that mitt romney is losing the race and losing badly in the new polls, yes, but the new argument on the right is that the polls are all wrong. mathematically. even the fox n
argument emerged about the polling that says that mitt romney is losing the race and losing badly in the new polls, yes, but the new argument on the right is that the polls are all wrong. mathematically. even the fox news poll. they are all unfairly skewed to make it look like obama is winning when, in fact, that's not the case. the new argument on the right is that if you reconfigure all of the mainstream polls to unskewify them to make them be less liberal, they don't look like this anymore with 20 straight polls for obama. instead they look like this. hey, yeah, that's way better. mitt romney is actually winning all of the recent polls that you thought president obama was winning. the guy who did this it neat trick, the unskewing of the polling so mitt romney wins in every one instead of losing in every one, that guy explained his methodology to the folks at buzz feed saying he created this new romney-always-wins polling site, quote, after reading a "washington post" poll that just didn't look right noting that the polling had sampled more democrats than republicans. sampling m
. luckily for the romney campaign, there is a solution to this poteial oblethatan b caused by polling. this potential fundraising campaign death spiral. there's a way arou it. a new argument emerged about the polling that says that mitt romney is losi the race and losing badly in the new polls, yeut nrgt he right is that the polls are all wrong. mathematically. even the fox news poll. they are a unfairly skewed to make it look like obama is winning when, in fact, that's not the case. the new argument on the right is that if you reconfigure all of e mast pol to sk if i them to make them be less liberal, they don't look like this anymore with 20 straight polls for obama. instead they look like this. hey, yeah, that's way better. mitt romney is actually nning all ofheecent polls at you thought president obama was in the guy who did this it neat trick, the unskewing of the polling so mitt romney wins in every one instead of losing in every one, that guy explained his methodology to the fol at buzz feed sayi he created this new romney-always-wins polng , e,erdi "washington post" poll that
the president up by three which is good news by the president. has had romney up most of the other polling polling times however when asked are you definitely going to vote for your guy? definitely 43% in the rasmussen poll say yes for romney only 42 for barack obama. i believe if mitt romney does well and can sting the president like ronald reagan stung jimmy carter that he will immediately become the frontrunner and the so-called swings states will tighten up. most of them anyway. florida particularly will. that's my analysis right now. >> i think these state races probably will tighten but that's what happens in the final weeks of a campaign. races tend to tighten. this will be a closer race in all l get closer to election day one senses though that look an incumbent running with a record like this with the economy in such serious shape many people predicting recession with all this trouble he he has been having overseas, with all of that he he ought to be in a lot of trouble. it's surprising to many people that he is ahead. we keep thinking something will happen. is he is not a great p
] >>> polls eye ross cross the country show president obama holding a lead over mitt romney. and the "associated press" poll finds that the president is within reach of being elected for a second term. we wanteded to take that premise and go forward with it we going to ask what the country could expect from a second-term obama. joining me eleanor cli dpmpb t, editor and a prolific blogger. we should note that here. i want to start with you, eleanor. because you have a new piece out today where you write that the president will have to move quickly to send signals of resolve, signals of strength if he wins re-election. how would a second-term obama, how would he break the gridlock if the democrats fail to sweep congress? >> i think he would after the election have to set his red lines if you will. in terms of what how far he will go in curbing the deficit. and addressing the fiscal cliff. and then, he will have an opportunity, he will have basically a whole new administration. his cabinet will be gone. most of the people that he relies on in the white house will be moving on.
for mitt romney, because your polling two months ago showed us that mitt romney was actually doing well on the issue of the economy. what happened? >> well, first of all, the race hasn't changed as much as the current hike suggests. it has tilted a little bit against mitt romney. we're still showing it tied nationally at 46%, romney is down by a point in ohio. that's not great news for him, but it's not a sea change in the race. what's happened? people are feeling better about the economy. consumer confidence is up, and people have not been convinced that mitt romney would be any better than barack obama. cheryl: but you know what, scott? 60% of americans right now believe that we're in a recession still. i mean, maybe we're not technically in one, but americans still feel that way. explain to me the numbers behind this. >> well, 60% say we're still in a recession, that's not a great number. it was over 70% a couple of years ago, so the trend is moving a little bit better. the number of people who say the economy will be stronger in a year is 36% now, that's up a little bit from earlier
. there is a lot riding on it for mitt romney who has been trailing in the polls. in the national polls, it is a small margin but the battleground states there is cause if concern in boston. the republicans recognize that. romney will be in denver tomorrow until the debate open wednesday night. paul ryan shaped it this morning on fox news sunday. here is a sampling. >> he needs to give the american people the choice we are offering. that is what we are doing. we owe the country a very clear choice of a different future. we can either have, a dynamic, growing economy, that produces opportunity. or we can have a stagnant opportunity that fosters dependency. >>carl: the obama administration has been caucus -- cause should saying mitt romney will show up well prepared. having said that, obama campaign has shown signs of campaign confidence and romney campaign has been both in word and deed really trying to step it up, recognizing how much is riding on the debates. >>gregg: thanking from boston, carl cameron. >>heather: a hero's welcome at ground zero for a group of brave americans, includin
they should have down. the latest "washington post" poll shows for the first time, mitt romney is slightly better regarded on the question of who will do better leading the economy over the next four years than the president? that's through no good offices of mitt romney on his own. that's in spite of what mitt romney has done. >> howard, we have heard so much about the disgruntled folks within the romney/ryan camp. the way it's unfolding in the polls is not good. there's a report that says that romney is beginning to lose donors who were shifting their money to house and senate races. what's going on here? is this starting to take its toll on the campaign? >> yes. in many ways, what mitt romney's challenge is on wednesday night is to stop the bleeding within his own party and within his own camp. absolutely. behind the scenes, republicans are very worried. some are saying so publically. if mitt romney doesn't reassure them within the first half hour of the debate, they are goners. now you're seeing already, a lot of the independent super pacs who are blessed with their own money are going
accor according to gallup polling and won by by 33 points. the president's team expected romney to be well prepared, playing up advantages for romney. debate and the first debate, favor challengers. >> senior romney a visor offered the g.o.p. debate spin in a memo to reporters -- regardless of who comes out on the top in the debate we amount afford another four years on the last four years. >> make a decision on what they believe is in the best interest of the country and their family. i expect to describe it in a way people understand. if i do, i get elected. >> romney spends the weekend in boston and flies to denver on monday. he has no public campaign activities planned. it's all private for the face-off. important of how important romney thinks it will be. >> bret: okay. see you in colorado. virginia base strategic allied consulting accused to submitting 100 questionable registration in seven countie counties. spokesperson says it's trying to find out how broad the scope of the problem is. the company says the form came from one person who has been fired and it's cooperating
in the polls, governor romney is an underdog, does that give him an advantage and if he does well with let's say 50 million people watching, could it reversed direction of his campaign? >> it's very possible. romney campaign has said all along that the debates are going to be very important because it's a chance to see mitt romney square off with president obama and visions for the country. we are starting to see both campaigns to lower expectations for both candidates but this is last chance that romney have to voters take him seriously. >> gregg: i think the trick is for romney at least to come across as krebld and trust worthy and to have the better plan for the economy, that seems to be pretty clear. i wanted to point your attention to a recent bloomberg poll. one in five voters are persuadable and more of them actually tilt republican and lean in romney's direction. 41% says he has laid out a better economic vision compared to 25% saying the president has. are those folks, erin, really what both of candidates are aiming for here. they got to get some of that 20%? >> there is no questi
votes new poll show the president has the lead in ohio, florida, pennsylvania, but mitt romney is not backing down. >> we have a question about what course america's going to take. i represent one that will create more jobs and more take-home pay. the president represents more of the same. >> it's a plan, what's the plan if he can't capture those states? >>> and cyndi lauper a revealing new memoir. she says her iconic hit "girls just want to have fun" almost didn't get made nap would be a tragedy. imagine life today? >>> it is wednesday, september 26th. "starting point" begins right now. >>> we are going to begin with breaking news from greece. new images from athens where about 50,000 pro festers filled the streets in the largest anti-austerity demonstration in months. throng molotov cocktails. >> protesters angry over the latest les of austerity. organized by the country's two biggest unions who say years of saifice imposed by dcbudget cut it's have nod let to improvements in the economy. the biggest demonstration we've seen. >> saw them in spain. still a problem in a lot of
and, the only reason you and fox are questioning the polls is because romney is losing. >> when more democrats or republicans are polled, i have to look into that. no ideology involved. >> no problem. morris predicted mccain would win, but hedged his bet, saying obama could win if the young vote turned out, which it did. >> fox news analysts, including myself, are paid for honest assessments, not to root for anyone. it's fine foritous say we favor a certain candidate. that happens all the time. but we need to put forth honest opinions, not in the tank stuff. watch other networks for that. plenty of that. by the way, i never endorse political candidates because my job is to watch. >> it's on the way, sarah. another great deal. >> well, way to go, kirby. way to go. a shadow of your former self. >> interesting observation, nora. i think both the president and the governor are basically sincere men who are hiding their flaws. mr. obama will not tell voters that he essentially disagrees with the free marketplace competitive economy this has made the usa prosperous, especially since 1900.
's going on. the good news for mitt romney is that you look at those polls and see that on individual state polls and as it goes for independence. mitt romney still enjoys an advantage in several key places among independents, and that has to be encouraging for his campaign even as they get all of these bad polls put out on their head. he won one how does this change, if at all, mitt romney's strategy. some are arguing, including charles krauthammer, that romney needs to do well in the last five weeks. >> it will not surprise you for me to say that charles is very smart. here is the deal. the independents think the system is broken and they want to hear big solutions, bold ideas, because they think that the country is dreadful. you heard him when he was at valley forge military academy. he was not talking in muted tones. he was talking in big and bold tones in what he believes in the middle east and has to carry that message over to the economic argument, the deficit spending argument, and he has to bring a really hardball -- a hard fastball when he shows up at that debate on wednesday. meg
the poll numbers. they see what is going on. they see that romney or ryan have spent a lot of time fundraising, a compensates i got last night. it is a distraction. that's what they are saying. >>neil: why buy the notion that everything is all gloppy. if i had a time throughout the primary season everyone said, he is stumbling in south carolina, and florida is crucial. but each time, like the energizer bunny he come through. with the media saying one thing, and at my gut, i say, well that is not the case. >>guest: you are right. romney advisors are saying this got us here despite the media. >>neil: the republican guys are saying that was getting the nomination, very different in the election. >>guest: this is highspotsers that are saying this. it is different than me and you and the guys at "new york times" or whoever criticizing him. these are his money guys criticizing him. >>neil: on the issue of simpson-bowles where they think they found, the opponent, a weakness, the inconsistency, react to this. how will the wall streeters react to this? you mentioned simpson-bowles, sir, and
. they are not there for romney but they are there because they do not like obama. the talk of polls being off because of the 2008 turn out model, let me explain to people that since 2008 there have been millions of new voters who is come into the voting process who are young people, who turned 18 in 2009 and 2010 and 2011 and 2012. there are a lot more people available to vote. for obama the demographic is the right one including a number new hispanic voters who are legal. >>neil: actually i agree with you. to republicans who try to say they are skewed, they may or may not be, i have no idea, but they are beyond the margin of error. you remind me yourself, that can change. for now i would not take comfort in the possibility they are all rigged. to the bigger point of where we stand right now, you have been through elections where the lead is up-and-down and even mondale led. what gets the math to coalesce around a guy? >>guest: the history of this thing, for 50 years people who have been ahead at this stage in the presidential race have always won. it is --. >>neil: jimmy carter? >>guest: he was behind at this s
to a reagan landslide. with polls now showing president obama building a lead over mitt romney in key battleground states, a democratic pollster and consultant who worked for jimmy carter says finding the right sample to survey can be tricky. >> we know from the exit polls and others, the republicans tend to respond to these polls less than oftentimes, particularly from news organizations, less than do democrats. >> in 1988, george bush managed a huge swing. gallup had michael dukakis leading by 17 points after the democratic convention, but lost to bush by 7.5%. in 1992, the incumbent president was down nine points in mid-september, tied with bill clinton by the end of october, though clinton eventually won. a former clinton pollster is questioning the assumptions being made in today's polls. >> these polls are assuming that you have the same high level of african american, latino, and young people vote in 2012 that you had in 2008. >> obama campaign senior advisor david axelrod told fox, "public polls are widely variant in their sampling and methodology so it's hard to case when the
to polls. pew has a new report out today not on obama or romney but on public opinion surveys. and the response rate has gone from 36% in 1997 down to 9% in 2012. >> right. >> contact rate is down from 90 to 62%. cooperation rate down 43 to 14%. what is the best way to determine today, to gauge how well either of the candidates are doing when the numbers are so poor? >> well, yeah. the response rates have been an ongoing problem. to a large extent, survey organizations and pollsters spent a lot of time trying to deal with that and have done an effective job as far as we can -- at least on average. as you know, the results of different polling organizations differ quite a lot. some are producing numbers that make the race look closer than others and others show a substantial almost double-digit lead. what polling organizations do makes a difference, yes. what you want to do is sort of look at what the average looks like. that gives you some sense. maybe not the best way to do it but gives you a better sense than looking at any one particular polling organization. >> thank you v
not entirely men. every poll that i have seen shows men favoring mitt romney. by another poll, a different direction. this is a group i have reported on -- nascar fans. nascar fans favor obama by about seven points, which is quite remarkable if you ever spent, as i have come a weekend at a nascar track. that is remarkable. so, there is some very mixed pictures here of those constituencies. colin served as a deputy of the defense from the middle east from 2009 to 2011. he is with the new americans security and the professor in the securities program at georgetown university. well, and my question to you is this. in light of the events in egypt and libya, how can the administration to defend its response to the arab spring? >> i think if you look back to the president's cairo speech in the summer of 2009, for what he said was the united states had an interest but the people in the region had an interest in moving towards a more just, accountable, representative government. we saw that movement. the demand for political change started in the late 2010 and spread elsewhere in the region. i thi
university poll shows the president leading mitt romney by four points 49-45. >> introduced by john elway. he told the crowds that the debates will be crucial to the campaign. >> an opportunity for each of us to describe the pathway forward for america that we would choose. the american people are going to have to make their choice as to what kind of america they want. >> jan crawford is covering the romney campaign in denver. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah good morning to our viewers in the west. it's his time to make his case to the american people. 23 debates in the republican primaries but this one is different. it's one on one. part of the debate prep has been working on that head-to-head matchup with senator portman playing president obama. romney came back and talked to the reporters. i asked him point blank if he thinks he can win. he said, look, the president has been trying to fool people into thinking things that i don't. i can't tell you winners or losers. he's the president, an effective speaker, but romney said he thinks if they both do well, he
to our latest poll which is an average of five national polls it is tight race among likely voters the president has 49%, mitt romney at 46%. now both men in past moments wished they could have a do over. we recall a heated exchange between hillary clinton and president obama back in 2008's debate in south carolina. >> while i was working on those streets watching those folks see their jobs shipped overseas you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board of walmart. i was fighting these fights. i was fighting these fights. knives fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor in his slum landlord business, in inner city chicago. >> so, wolf blitzer, joe johns myself had an opportunity to ask questions of the candidate in myrtle beach. do you remember the energy in that room. i mean you knew when they went after each other the battle was on. it was game on time. you had cheers. you had jeers. all that. and people remember those moments. what do you think -- what do you think the president -- what do you think he learned out of that exper
opinion polls. but let's be honest. he's a good debater. the problem with governor romney is he tends to also put his foot in his mouth and create these land minds, like the $10,000 bet. which if that happens in this it debate, it will be a disaster. >> is it the idea of him having some zingers for his opponent who was pretty academic on the issues and has been very well schooled up in the debate process, does the romney camp actually think that zingers are going to get president obama off his game and have an impression on the american people? susan, what do you think about that? >> i think, first of all, you love saying the word zingers. it seems to be very much part of the conversation. that being said -- >> it's not my word. i mean, this is a story that's in "the new york times" that mitt romney has been practicing these zingers on his own staff ever since august. i mean, i guess the bigger point i make, isn't he going to have to get substantive to make people really realize that maybe he can run the country and turn the tide instead of zinging his way to this? >> absolutely. he w
. one thing that's interesting about ohio is romney's losing there, according to polls, as he is in most swing states. but he's losing by a little bit more in ohio. so i'm trying to figure out why this is. there's a number of reasons. a lot of republicans there campaign about, you know, romney bringing in staff from out of state that don't necessarily know what they're doing with ohio. but the main complaint i've heard in conversations with dozens of republicans in ohio is romney doesn't really have a coherent message. they don't know what he stands for. and also, this is a state with an unemployment rate that's a point lower than nationally. you have a republican governor, john kasich, who talks all over the state, day after day, about how the economy there is really growing and booming. and romney doesn't necessarily, you know, say the same thing. it's kind of mixed messages. and he also hasn't come up with a really strong, coherent response, to the auto bailout. he says let detroit go bankrupt. there's a supply chain, you know, a lot of manufacturers in ohio. the obama campaign talks
. the polls are very close. our latest fox news poll shows president obama leading governor romney by 5 points. but will wednesday's showdown be a game changer? we have a panel here. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> we talked about the fact that the campaigns, both sides have been managing expectations. i want to ask you, governor christie was pretty bold this morning, saying it will turn the race upside down and romney will come out of the gate, charging. that's the first person we have heard saying, he will do a great job? what do you make about if? >> i wonder if he will get a call from boston. that's not what the romney campaign or the obama campaign has been doing. if anything, they have been saying nice things about their opponent. this is one of the only times you will she happen. have you president obama saying mitt romney is an experienced debater. he has been through this many times. and romney's campaign is saying obama gione of the best speakers to walk the earth, ever. >> we talked about this earlier, talking about biden's sharp special witty. even the number twos
tough enough? >> i think the polls indicate that romney obviously is not where he wants to be, gretchen. and you can say he should have been nicer. i guess that is an argument issues that if only romney had appeared with more babies and more puppies then people would like him more. people like leaders. they like someone who ties it together, frames the picture for us. and bill is right, whether it's imcompetence and imcompetence and corruption, this administration's policies haven't delivered for the american family and the american middle class, and right now it looks like they're not delivering on an other really important issue which is our national security. i think both of those issuers framed properly by mitt romney, without concern about whether people like him, but whether people look at him and say, that guy could be president, i hear what he's saying and that makes sense. he's not a celebrity and he's not embracing the celebrity culture. in fact, he's kinds of the antes celebrity. i think he needs that moment tomorrow. >> brian: bill, this is to your point. one of the campaign
% a little one friday, if he can hold his 52% among the quote white women in the poll one friday, romney has to win two-thirds of all other whites to get in national a dirty. you can do that. republicans are in that ballpark in 2010. we get the sense of what he's talking about among the other quadrants it's what ronald reagan won in '84 during the most decisive landslide in the modern times. so, that is i will end with two quick points one for each party. there's the message for democrats here as well the general trend is a loving them to win a majority with a smaller number of whites, they are also winning the smaller majority of the whites, and the reality is reviewing the last four times they've identified the control of the government 65, 66 from 76 to 80, 93, 94 and the first two years of obama each time they suffered a fairly catastrophic decline in the vote share which says they've not been able to articulate the need broad support in the community especially the working class community the the other part, the republicans will certainly be a big point of the debate. it's entirely poss
by real clear politics of a bunch of polls. the president almost at 50%, governor mitt romney at 44.5%. elizabeth crumb join us, co-anchor of the agenda, a daily political talk show. thanks for being with us, elizabeth. it would seem as though the housing crisis in your state, not to mention the incredibly high unemployment rate, would actually favor the challenger, mitt romney. true? >> well, you would think so in conventional wisdom, it would certainly say so. but if you look at the polls throughout the summer really but even most recently in september, most of them do lean president obama's way, and so i think there's a question in nevada as to whether voters believe that mitt romney's got a better plan for fixing what ails nevada than simply staying the course with president obama. greg greg as i understand it, the demographics favor the president. is he counting on hispanic votes to carry him through? >> absolutely. that's a big part of the picture here. hispanics now make up about 27 percent of the population in nevada. we've really seen those numbers grow over the past ten ye
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